The 5 Best Magical Herbs You Can Grow in Your Windowsill

When you live in a city, it can be challenging to get in touch with nature.  If you’re anything like me, sometimes you feel the call to nature so intensely it effects you physically. Before you break down and start meditating with the molding humus you forgot about in the back of your fridge, why not try a windowsill garden? Here’s a list of my favorite plants and their magical and mundane uses.


Dog and Cat safe: Non-Toxic
Light: Bright
Temp: Air Conditioning.
Watering: Let the soil dry out between watering
Magical use: Protection, cleansing, healing, psychic protection
Homeopathic use: Sage tea primarily helps with digestion problems and bloating but can also be use for anxiety and memory loss


Dog and Cat safe: Toxic
Light: Shady
Temp: No Air Conditioning
Watering: Keep the soil moist
Magical use: Luck, prosperity, serendipity, abundance, health
Homeopathic use: Mint tea helps with hiccups, upset stomachs, and weight management


Dog and Cat safe:  Toxic
Light: Bright
Temp: Air Conditioning.
Watering: Let soil dry out between watering
Magical use: Clairvoyance, wisdom, divination, manifestation
Homeopathic use: Burning the leaf gets rid of tension, fatigue, and anxiety
*Note: Bay grows quite large. This may be one you keep on your doorstep or as a floor plant after it’s outgrown your window pot.


Dog and Cat safe:  Non-Toxic
Light: Bright
Temp: Air Conditioning.
Watering: Let the soil dry out between watering
Magical use: Cleansing, protection and banishing, divination
Homeopathic use: Basil is an anti-inflammatory. Try adding two cups of Basil tea to a bath if your feeling sore or have a headache


Dog and Cat safe: Non-Toxic
Light: This easy-going plant can survive in partial shade and full sunlight
Temp: Air Conditioning.
Watering: Keep soil moist
Magical use: Enhances magical abilities and aids in contact spirits or connecting to deities.
Homeopathic use: As a tea, chervil can help with bloating, coughing, digestion problems, and high blood pressure. As a poultice, it can help with eczema.